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the SPACE - reserving a desk in a local co-work space

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After years of working from home, you've decided to join your local co-working space for a couple of days a week to meet new folks and have a change of scenery to conduct your UX Research.


Naturally, your local co-working space is busy and before arriving you need to notify the space of what time you'll be working and which desk you'd like to reserve.

Design Challenge

Create an interactive calendar component in Figma for selecting the date and time that you'll be reserving a desk in your local co-work space 📆

Mockup 04.jpg

Visual Design

Splash screen animation on figma

The illustration was made with Adobe Illustrator and prototyped in Figma (2).gif

Seat Reservation flow (1).gif

The user can select a table and a chair of its choice to book the date and the time. The event can be repeated weekly and monthly, similar to Google Calendar

The User flow is inspired by Telegram profile view, Google maps and Google Calendar


CamScanner 11-12-2021 18.01n_1.jpg
book a time.png
book a time 3.png
book a time 6.png


Frame 2.png

All illustrations were custom designed on Adobe Illustrator

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