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Drum Table
An experimental approach to explore interaction in a shared space

August 2019
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What are Cultural Probes?

Cultural Probes offer a more holistic spectrum to conduct a user research.
This technique inspires creativity and design from the participants using the data about their values, thoughts and lives.

Process Overview

Data Gathering

Data Analysis


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Data Gathering

Method: Cultural Probes

Data Analysis

Method: Mind Mapping

In the first iteration, we organized the data from each flat separately and made 5 clusters.
Photographs from all the shared flats were grouped seperately.

Group 20.png

In the second iteration we re attached the photographs next to the data that felt relevant. We also eliminated data which was misinterpreted by the participant.

Here we saw multiple themes emerging across all 5 flats which we then scribbled over the data.

second iteration.png

In the final iteration we rearranged all the data and formed clusters on the themes that emerged from the second iteration.
This time, the patterns distincticly visible in the second iterations were more prominent.

third iteration.png


free communication disrupts harmony in household

Pretense/excuse required for interaction/shared activities

Non-hierarchical relationship structure between household residents


Method: Prototyping with Microcontrollers

We prototyped a drum table that replaces the dining table in the common area

We wanted to force the shared flat occupants to make music everyday

image 4.png

This drum table works when all the flat members use it simultaneously.

Every beat gives them energy points and a running electricity.

When the drums aren’t played, the occupants lose their internet and electricity.

IMG_2096 1.png
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The first unit:

MPR121 Capacitive Touch sensor and the Arduino Uno (nicknamed the DrumArduino)

The second unit:

RobotDyn Single Channel AC Dimmer Controller Arduino Uno (nicknamed the LightArduino)

The third unit:

Raspberry PI for the sound, data tracking and communication between the two arduinos

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