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Product and Social media concept and design work for DENT at TDSoftware

EMOxSJ6W4AAC8ir 1.png


At TDSoftware I worked primarily on DENT, a product of DENT Wireless LTD where users can buy and sell mobile data. DENT, created on Ethereum Blockchain was initiated to tokenize, liberate, and democratize mobile data and bandwidth

Some of the concept and research work may contain sensitive information. The design work that is showcased here has already been published

Please contact me for an interview to discuss our process and outcomes. 

DENT Onboarding

I was tasked with designing the app onboarding for first time users. 

The carousel view offers the product offering of data top-up and sharing

Time period

July 2018 - September 2018


Sketch, Principle

Onboarding prototype final-.gif
afterburner vault.png

Afterburner Icon

DENT Afterburner and Exchange illustrations

I was tasked with designing an icon for the upcoming Afterburner feature and banners for DENT Exchange portal

Time period

September 2018 - January  2019


Sketch, Adobe Illustrator

DENT Exchange illustrations

Artboard 111.jpg
Artboard 222.png
Artboard 333.jpg
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